We've now set ourselves back a whole hour courtesy of daylight saving time. You're probably feeling some of the effects of daylight saving time, I know I am. From burning rage to making holidays, these are five things that happen to you after daylight saving time.

  • 1

    Hate Your Alarm

    After daylight saving time, I just hate my alarm. I hit snooze for a solid hour this morning. I hate my alarm and now my partner hates me.

  • 2

    Deceiving Darkness

    Don't be fooled by all that darkness outside, looks are deceiving. It can appear to be earlier than it actually is after daylight saving time. Beware of the deceiving darkness, you've officially been warned.

  • 3

    Night Owl

    I'm not sure exactly why I stayed up until 1 a.m. but I'll blame it on daylight saving time. It's the reason I've become a night owl and getting up in the morning is getting harder. But I've also got more time to play video games, play with my cat or maybe even take a night hike.

  • 4

    You Are What You Drink

    To offset the time change, you're now drinking so much coffee, you become the coffee. You're now smooth, tasteful, and sweet but with a bite. Much like a coffee cup, you have to be careful to not spread the burning rage inside of you.

  • 5

    Holidays for Everything

    It seems like there are holidays for everything, so why not for daylight saving time? We usually takes days off  after holidays to recover anyway, so daylight saving time day fits right in.

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