The red, white and blue, right next to the stars and stripes. That could only mean one thing: 'Merica ... and Earl Dibbles Jr.

Granger Smith channeled his alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr. to make the video for "Merica," a track that will be featured on his upcoming major-label debut album, Remington. 

This video practically bleeds the American flag, left only to be bandaged by country girls clad in camo and daisy dukes, armored with guns that are bigger than they are. And what American-themed music video would it be without an astronaut drinking a beer out of a red Solo cup on the moon while the Statue of Liberty sips on a cold one in the background?

The chorus of the song sums it all up pretty nicely: "We're back to back undefeated world war champs / So take a cup, raise it up for my Uncle Sam / You know we sent a man to the moon and before we're done / Yeah we'll probably send one to the sun ....'Merica."

Dibbles Jr., not Smith, dances around throughout the entire music video in his denim overalls and a white-stained tank and provides a laugh for the entire production. The pride he shows for the U.S.A. might even evoke the need for you to raise your red Solo cup in the air in honor of "Merica."

This track will be featured on Smith's upcoming debut album, Remington, which is slated to hit the shelves on March 4.

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