Though the return of live music seems to be inching closer to the horizon, the COVID-19 pandemic is still preventing many country artists from mounting tours or large in-person gatherings. For example, Chris Stapleton and Garth Brooks have both recently pushed back the start of their 2021 tour plans, and Kenny Chesney opted to push back his entire Chillaxification Tour to 2022, explaining that he wanted to avoid shutting fans out due to capacity restrictions.

But there are some acts who are beginning to find a way to gather in person again, and among them is Dustin Lynch. The "Momma's House" singer announced in October of 2020 that he was planning a three-day Las Vegas pool party called the Dustin Lynch Pool Situation: Vegasset to take place June 3-6, 2021. The all-inclusive packages for the event — which quickly sold out — include hotel stays, admission to the different events taking place at the party and a COVID-19 money-back guarantee.

However, as of March 2021, fans aren't likely to need to use that refund option, Lynch explained during a virtual press event. The singer says he's feeling confident that the Pool Situation will take place as scheduled.

"The situation is this: We got a great phone call a week ago," Lynch said in response to a question about the event. "I guess the powers that be at Vegas said, 'This is happening, 100 percent, unless zombies show up on Earth.' So we'll keep our fingers crossed that that doesn't happen. But the Pool Situation is an absolute go."

In fact, he adds, he's hoping to be able to open ticketing up to a few more fans as Nevada restrictions relax.

"It looks like Las Vegas is actually gonna start rolling back capacity, too, so I think we may even be able to sneak some more tickets here before too long," Lynch relates. "At least, I'm hoping so, because it's sold out."

The singer goes on to say that he's looking forward to heading up the event alongside the other members of his Pool Situation lineup, Jordan Davis, Hardy and Brandi Cyrus. Most of all, though, he's looking forward to getting back on stage with his band.

"It's gonna be myself and my band's first legit show on the books, and weirdly enough, our last show together was in Las Vegas, for John Deere, before we got the plug pulled," he notes. "So it's great to kick it off in Las Vegas, and it'll be a lot crazier than a corporate John Deere event. We'll be acting a fool. There's no rules at the Pool Situation. We'll just let the buzz dictate how long we play and what we play."

Most recently, Lynch released his newest single, a revamped version of "Thinking 'Bout You," this time as a duet with MacKenzie Porter.

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