What’s your favorite kind of nut?

Oh now stop, get your mind out of the gutter. It’s National Grab Some Nuts Day.

I’m a nut lover! Okay, now really do you have to go there? I’m actually being serious. What is it about National Grab Some Nuts Day that makes people laugh and their minds automatically think something naughty?

I went around the office this morning asking my coworkers what their favorite kind of nut was. I realized I work with a bunch of nuts. Right off the bat, every person thought I was joking.

They all have their heads in the gutter, but not you, right?

I’ve realized, for your safety, this should be more of a Public Service Announcement for each of you. Rather than grab some nuts day, what nuts you really DON’T want to grab.


Real raw cashews nuts can be deadly. True raw cashews are composed with urushiol, which contains the same kind of toxins in poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac. If ingested in high volumes it could kill you.


Horse Chestnuts have toxins that can cause vomiting and if taken in large doses it could cause paralysis. Horse Chestnuts look much like regular chestnuts, so be careful.


I know. Almonds are so good for you, and your health. But for the environment, almonds are terrible.

The problem with almonds is that California is the main state that commercially produces almonds and for each almond, it requires 1.1 gallons of water to produce them. That doesn’t help when there’s a drought.