It's like a movie, except there's no Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson around, and nobody's going to invite you to their lake house for the weekend - long as you keep stealing all their wedding gifts!

A serial wedding crasher has been making the rounds at weddings in Colorado, showing up uninvited and dressed in an orange vest, telling people he works for the event's shuttle service.

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When nobody's looking, the unidentified man makes his way to the gift table and helps himself to whatever he likes. In the case of a wedding in Westminster, he was captured on camera walking up to the table and opening a chest full of cards - some with gift cards inside, many with cash.

The couple didn't realize they were missing until they had gotten home and were sorting through all the decorations and gifts brought home when it occurred to them they didn't know where any of their cards had ended up.

They contacted the wedding venue who immediately went to the security footage and discovered the man turning up uninvited. He took the cards and left the building, ultimately leaving the venue on a motorcycle.

After getting the police involved, the venue discovered that this isn't his first rodeo. The same man is also sought for the same heist at other weddings in the area.

There's gotta be some bad, bad karma awaiting this guy. If you recognize this man, contact the Westminster Police Department.

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