This dirt bike rider miraculously survived a fall into the Devil's Punch Bowl on Schofield Pass near Crested Butte.

**Note: If you just can't wait for the accident, you can skip to the five-minute mark to see the harrowing fall.

Schofield Pass is an old wagon road built in 1883 that connects Crested Butte with the Crystal/Marble area. The pass is known as one of the deadliest passes in Colorado, and this video definitely demonstrates why.

YouTuber, Rick Hogge, took this video while riding dirt bikes on Schofield with a friend. On their way down the made road, you can see just how sketchy the trail is.

Dirt Bike Rider Survives Fall on Schofield Pass
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The Devil's Punch Bowl section, where the rider went over the cliff, is where most accidents happen on the trail, according to

At the five-minute mark, the duo of riders heads back up the pass. Hogge reaches the area near the Devil's Punch Bowl and loses control of the bike, going over the edge. You can see Hogge slide down the cliff wall, luckily landing in the pool below a waterfall.

You can see in the video, Hogge made it out alive.

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