Coincidentally, the bar is on the list of 27 best bars and is on 27th Street. Looking for an 'interesting' place?

Of all the cities in America, and all the bars that must be in those cities, getting onto a list of the Top 27 is a feat. Why 27? The Esquire article doesn't say. It's probably one of those '25 is too little, 30 is too many' things.

On the 'alphabetical by city' list of 27, this bar comes in after a bar in Dayton, Ohio, and before a bar in Los Angeles. Hard to believe that there wasn't a worthy bar in a city that's name starts with a letter between 'De' and 'Los,' which only shows how good this bar is.

From the outside, Noble Riot, a wine bar, looks like a place that's been left behind after say, a riot. Graffiti covers the windows, but that's on purpose.

These folks look at wine like vinyl records. They embrace 'honest' wines, as opposed to say, 'Compact Disc' or 'Digital Download' wines, those wines that use more technology rather than heart & soul.

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You'd probably have to call this a 'hipster' wine joint, but they absolutely know their wines. Plus, they seem to be priced right, though you won't see me stopping in to pick up the Borgo di Tiglio 'Studio de Blanco' for $210.00.

You can check out the whole list of 27 from Esquire HERE.

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