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It's a part of life that often doesn't get talked about, but school officials in Denver want to offer some relief to students who cannot afford feminine hygiene products or might be too embarrassed to talk about them at first. The information was released first by 9 News, but we are finding out that Denver Public Schools have started installing free menstrual product dispensers in bathrooms across their entire district.

The dispensers filled with both pads and tampons have been placed in all high schools, middle schools, and K-8 schools. The project first got started when a student approached the facility about the possibility of making something like this happen because she knew some classmates who struggled with the cost of the products.

School officials also didn't want any students to feel embarrassed because they had to visit the school nurse to get these items in the past.

The dispensers were set to be installed last year but the project was put on hold due to the pandemic.

In total there are 795 bathrooms in 74 schools across the district with a need for these dispensers and all will have them by February 1st. The cost is between $30,000 - $31,000.

Because I am a guy I wanted to see the reaction on social media to this information and it was almost all positive comments, especially from teachers who believe this was long overdue.

Only time will tell if this becomes a statewide push and these dispensers start showing up all across Colorado.

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