If you were offered $15,000 to uproot your life for a new location, with the same exact job waiting for you in the new location is it something that you would explore. The reason I ask is that that same dilemma is facing police officers within the Denver Police Department. According to KDVR, there are now multiple billboards in the Denver area offering $15,000 bonuses to officers willing to relocate to Spokane, Washington.

The Spokane Sheriff's Department put up six billboards around Denver offering the bonus to any officer willing to make the lateral move up to the evergreen state. But Denver is not alone they have billboards also up in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. Which is intelligent to target areas where more protesting has taken place so officers might be looking for a change.

Denver Law Enforcement is Taking the Billboards as a Compliment

While Denver law enforcement would like to retain all or as many officers as possible the Executive Director of Denver's Department of Safety said he takes this as a compliment.

“We should be very, very proud that he believes our Denver folks are trained well, they are good officers, and he wants our folks,” he said.

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Officer Just Have to Decide Which Community Will Make Them the Happiest

When Denver law enforcement is looking to add officers they almost always recruit from the Front Range as people really enjoy living in Colorado. But if officers are looking for a change this might be the perfect opportunity to make a change. Senior law officials in Denver are sure that Spokane is a nice place to live but they all agree that Denver is much better.

I've spent numerous weekends in Spokane and while the area can be nice it's also known as "spokomton", yes a combination of Spokane and Compton. So, it's not exactly the nicest area in Washington state.

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