Some people in Denver have noticed that the Mile High City smells kind of "off" right before it snows. Chris Bianchi, Meteorologist, at 9 News must have gotten this question quite a bit because he took to TikTok to explain what is going on.

Why does it smell so bad in Denver right before it snows?

Chris explains that usually an upslope wind, blowing out of the north, or northeast, is needed for the Denver Metro area to get snow. Wind from the north, and northeast comes from the area of, you guessed it, Greeley.

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Chris explains that cattle lots around Greeley and the surrounding areas from the east blow the smell of cattle waste and the smell of the byproduct of slaughterhouses into Denver right before the snow starts to fall.

Chris states to Denver Metro area residents that's what you are smelling. We all know up here in Northern Colorado what that smell means... Money.

Here is the TikTok video from Chris Bianchi:

Have you noticed a different type of smell before it snows? I always feel like there is a distinct, crisp smell in the air before and during a snowstorm.

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