Delta is one of the best small towns in Colorado and here are some things you might now have known about this western slope town.

Delta Colorado Is Not Glamorous

The first thing I would say about Delta is that it's not glamorous - and I don't mean that in a negative way. When someone mentions Delta, it just doesn't hit you with the same appeal as some of the popular western Colorado towns like Ouray, Telluride, and Aspen. But, Delta is special in its own way.

Delta is located on one of America's most notable roads - Highway 50 which crosses 12 states while connecting Sacramento, California with Ocean City, Maryland. Highway 50 cuts right through the middle of downtown Delta.

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Delta Is A Typical American Small Town

I think Delta is your typical American small town where "everybody" knows everybody and it's a real family-type of atmosphere. The Delta Panthers always draw a crowd for athletic events, and Deltarado Days is a fantastic annual festival that brings people together in a variety of different ways. Delta also has an amazing fireworks display on the 4th of July.

Delta Is the 77th Largest Town In Colorado

With a population of just over 9,000, Delta is the 77th largest town in Colorado. Out of 424 Colorado towns, Delta is bigger than 81% of them.  It's big enough to have Walmart, McDonald's, and Taco Bell, an airport, and a golf course,  but small enough you can drive all the way across town in just a few short minutes.

15 Interesting Facts About Delta Colorado

There is some great history behind the town of Delta, Colorado, which has been around for some 140 years. Several notable individuals were either born here or lived in Delta at one time or another. Here are 15 interesting facts you may or may not have down about the western Colorado town of Delta.

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