After an investigation, a Denver District Attorney has released a statement as to what charges will be brought up in horrific cheerleader video controversy. 


Wait, what?

That's right. No charges will be filed.

According to the statement released by D.A. Beth McCann, there was "insufficient evidence to warrant charges after a police investigation."

The district attorney went on to state that while there is no place for this type of coaching in cheerleading, the actions shown on the video does not establish grounds for a crime to be prosecuted.

Are you kidding me? You must be out of you God d----d mind!

How can you, as a human being, watch this video and not want to have this coaching staff severely punished? Yes, the head coach was terminated, the athletic director quit and the principal "retired," but you have to involve the legal system in this.

What if that was your teenager on that video screaming and crying out in obvious pain?

In my eyes this a travesty. Sure, these coaches and staff hopefully will never get another job in a school or coaching arena. The kicker, since there is no legal action, there is no tangible blackeye against these people.

Wrong decision.

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