How do you honestly feel about the homeless issue here in Grand Junction?

So once again, here is a letter that my therapist says I should write to express my thoughts. Plus, it gives YOU a chance to get your feelings off your chest.

Dear Grand Junction,

Being from Wisconsin, I have never had to deal with this issue of homeless people at every street corner or intersection. Trust me, that place is not the ideal climate for being without shelter. So, it was a culture shock for me to be in a community where it is so prevalent.

And I will admit, that my feelings go back and forth all the time. I rarely make eye contact with anyone standing at the intersections and sometimes get frustrated with their signs. "All I Need is $3 for Gas," "Have 3 Kids. Anything Helps," and so on. But, (without sounding braggadocios and tooting my own horn) I have on many, many occasions, done food and water drops at Whitman Park on a Saturday mornings. It's weird, it depends on what kind of mood I'm in that determines my level of caring. How self-serving is that?

I don't know any these people and we should not judge anyone. "Lest ye walk in other shoes" as my dad always said when I was a kid.

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