While I am one of those people that can eat ice cream all year round because it’s always delicious. There is something special about the weather being beautiful outside and getting some delicious ice cream to cool down. For many of us, myself included, getting a Dairy Queen blizzard is a special treat but unfortunately for those like me that live near the Fruitvale Dairy Queen we will have to go somewhere else for ice cream.

It’s funny to think about it now but Savannah and I were driving home from Mesa Fitness on Sunday morning and I noticed a sign on the Dairy Queen building just off I-70 and it said “for rent” with a phone number. I made a double take because that location closes down each winter as business slows down. But sure enough, the business is gone forever and that building is now looking for its next tenant.

Hopefully, a New Restaurant Pops Up in the Old Dairy Queen Location in Fruitvale

With Dairy Queen already gone, fingers crossed there is a new restaurant that will soon take over that building. I will admit living in the area I had never really seen that Dairy Queen very busy even during the summer months but maybe things will change with a new concept in that location.

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Good News for Residents, We Don’t Have to Go Far for More Ice Cream

While it’s disappointing to find out our local Dairy Queen has closed down, it’s not like we have to go far if we want amazing ice cream. Because less than 2 miles away on 29 Road we can get the always amazing Graff Dairy. Bring on the ice cream!

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