Last year Colorado experienced quite a few serious wildfires that included loss of property, loss of life and cost communities millions of dollars.

This year, thanks to late winter and early spring precipitation, Colorado has avoided the wildfires of years past, but there is something to keep in mind.

Very little rain since then has resulted in many areas of the state once again experiencing drought-like conditions, which means we could only be one spark away from setting off late-season wildfires.

Keeping in mind that there is still a danger of fires breaking out, make sure you take these precautions.

First, make sure there is no fuel to feed a fire around your home. Removing dead leaves, branches and other flammable items can help keep fire away from your home.

Use gravel instead of woodchips around your home. And remove any unused lawn furniture as well.

In the event, a wildfire does break out in your area, make sure you keep tuned to local radio and television to know where the fire is going and what emergency planners are suggesting,

One final note. If there is a wildfire in your area, know where they will be dropping flame retardant and stay away from those areas. Pilots cannot see you as they drop their payload and if you are in the drop zone, the video will show you just what happens when you don't get out.

We're very glad we aren't worrying about wildfires right now, but a little pre-planning can go a long way.

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