A new Grand Junction, Colorado restaurant will be opening its doors very soon. The opening date has been announced.

Residents of Grand Junction have anxiously awaited the opening of Culver's at 582 24 1/2 Road. The employees are in training, and doors will open soon at the area's newest restaurant.

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Culver's In Grand Junction, Colorado

If you drove past Culver's in Grand Junction last night, January 2, 2023, you probably noticed the lights were on, the place was packed, and the parking lot was full. Curious if they had opened for business, I stopped by.

As it turns out, the crowd inside were in fact employees doing their orientation. At a glance, it looks as though about a fourth of the population of Grand Junction has been employed by this restaurant. They've hired a large crew.

Opening Date For Culver's In Grand Junction, Colorado

If you walk up to the front door at Culver's, you'll be greeted by this sign:

Culver's Grand Junction Colorado opening sign
Waylon Jordan

Just to verify, I called the store and spoke with an employee. The opening date for Culver's in Grand Junction is in fact Monday, January 9, 2023. They'll be open that day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

First Glance At The New Restaurant

You'll notice the building exudes an inviting vibe. Peek through the windows and you'll notice a clean, modern appearance. It looks to offer ample seating and excellent parking.

An Interesting Thing About the Layout

After surveying the new facility, one thing struck me as odd. It looks as though they honored the footprint of the Burger King building which previously occupied this space. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the layout, it's almost identical. Even the drive-thru mirrors the exact footprint of the old Burger King.

With this in mind, I'm unclear why the previous building was demolished, only to construct a new building with the same footprint.

Culver's Grand Junction Colorado drive thru
Waylon Jordan

What's On The Menu & How Are The Deals?

I've never been to Culver's in my life, so I'm not familiar with the menu. While visiting the location, it seemed like a good time to scan the menu and check out the prices.

Culver's Grand Junction Colorado menu
Waylon Jordan
attachment-Culver's Grand Junction Colorado menu 2

It won't be long now. According to the company's webpage, Culver's already offers 22 restaurants in Colorado, with this being the 23rd. By the second week of January 2023, Grand Junction will have another dining option. It will be curious to see how their opening day, January 9, 2023, will unfold. Can we expect lines around the block?

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