Everybody recognizes the structure in the photo above. Some consider it the most photographed location in the state of Colorado. Have you ever been to see it with your own eyes, though? Have you opted out of the idea of visiting Crystal for fear it was too hard to get to?

Don't feel bad, I was born in Western Colorado, and I've never been there either. Crystal isn't the easiest place to get to, but at the same time, contrary to what some people, it's not that hard.

Round trip from Grand Junction to Crystal comes in at 117 miles and two hours and 43 minutes travel time. There are two practical routes to choose from, each offering their own unique scenery and travel sites.

Grand Junction to Crystal

I asked my Facebook friends about getting to Crystal and according to Western Colorado educator Travis Swanson, access to Crystal, unlike in the old days, can now be achieved by most any vehicle.

Getting to Crystal is easy, anything after that can be a bit dicey. Schofield Pass, which goes past the Devil's Punch Bowl, is amazing, but is technical, somewhat steep, and very narrow." - Travis Swanson via Facebook

Western Colorado musician Bob Songster adds:

There is a nice guy that owns a bed and breakfast there, he has an old Bronco and will drive you around all day back there for cheap." - Bob Songster via Facebook

Wikipedia claims Crystal to be nothing more than a ghost town, completely inaccessible to anything but four-wheel drive vehicles. These reports seem to be a bit dated, and somewhat unreliable.

Crystal, Colorado
Robert Grant

Be one of the few people you know, and make a trip to the town of Crystal. Check out the amazing scenery, and one of the most historic sites in this part of the country, the Crystal Mill, listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1985.

In the event you don't want to deal with the drive into Crystal, jeep tours are available from guide services in the nearby town of Marble. Tours typically run from the months of May through November.

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