Students in Crested Butte have built a house for the town's staff to live in. The students have done an outstanding job, considering someone has already moved in.

The Crested Butte house was designed and built by Crested Butte Community School students along with help from the town, local business and individuals. The house was good enough for Crested Butte's creative community development director to live in, literally. Michael Yerman is the director and is now living in his brand new home. Yerman said:

I won the lottery!

I'd say he's pretty excited about it. But he means he won the lottery in more way than one. Town staff members were entered into a lottery to win residence at the house. Staff members that have worked for the town longer, received more entries.

Yerman loves a lot of things about the house, the deck, the views, the kitchen, and more. He raves that:

The kids could not have gotten it more perfect!

The house took the students (and the town, local business, and individuals) 18 months to complete, according to Crested Butte News. Now it's onto building the next house and I have a feeling it'll be just appreciated -- and raved about.

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