Day three of the 26th annual Country Jam was AWESOME! Okay, that sounded a little juvenile, but it applies. Take a look back of the third installment of the "Four Hottest Days of Summer."

It was toasty, but the heat went relatively unnoticed compared to the excitement taking place on the stage. Saturday's Jam featured a number of rock solid, well-polished shows.

Country Jam Saturday Temperature
Waylon Jordan

This is going to sound a little fussy on my part, but one thing I truly listen for at a concert is the level of "musicianship." We've all seen major acts who can't carry a tune in a bucket at a live show. This year's Country Jam performers delivered energetic, highly polished performances. There... now I'll get off the soapbox.

Regarding the Ram Trucks main stage, it just doesn't get any better. Kenny Chesney - enough said.

Old Dominion delivered a world class musical performance. They didn't do a show or "come out and play." They came out and PERFORMED. That's how it's done.

Frankie Ballard. Now there's a guy who knows how to treat his fans. His show was great, his interviews were great, and his meet n' greet with the fans was great. In other words, he's great.

What are these people doing? These are meet n' greet winners waiting to go backstage for Frankie Ballard.

Country Jam Day 3 Meet N Greet
Waylon Jordan

Here's what a meet n' greet looks like from the backstage perspective. Check out the crew from Grand Junction's premier coffee roaster, Colorado Legacy Coffee, hanging out with Frankie.

Colorado Legacy Coffee Backstage with Frankie Ballard at Country Jam 2017
Frankie Ballard via Facebook

KEKB enjoyed visiting with the performers in the media tent. Both Frankie Ballard and Old Dominion came back to hang out with Keyes, Alicia, and yours truly.

Here we have another listener getting their KEKB temporary tattoo at our tent. What does it do? Two things: 1) ultimately washes off, and 2) gets you in the running to win all sorts of things like meet n' greets and CDs.

Country Jam 2017
Waylon Jordan

At 9:15 the audience was treated to the announcement of one of next year's Country Jam headliners. Who is headlining next year's Jam? Take a look.

There you have it, Day 3. Here's looking forward to Day 4! Come join us! The Jam only rolls around once a year. Don't let it pass you by.


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