For the third year in a row, KEKB will be shooting T-Shirts off of the main stage. We have a shirt launcher that will shoot them pretty far, but not everyone will get one. So where are the best places to sit to have a chance at a KEKB T-shirt?

Last year I lost the shirt launcher we originally had. So I had to buy a new one, and I decided to upgrade to one that shoots further. Before we were barely able to get the shirts out of VIP and Reserved seating. If we did, it would be the first couple rows.

Now that we have a bigger shirt launcher, we will get most of the shirts launched out of VIP and Reserved and into the General Admission Crowd. If you sit at least within the first 15 rows of General Admission, behind the Reserved fence, you will most likely have a chance at getting a T-Shirt. We will be shooting about 400 shirts out this year so keep an eye out when we are on stage.

The best places to sit are on the right side of the light and sound tower and on the left side of the light and sound tower. We usually try not to hit that tent, so we shoot around it. If you are anywhere within the first 15 rows on either side, you will have a pretty good chance at getting a KEKB T-Shirt.

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