One of the biggest issues in Grand Junction right now is the proposed name change of North Avenue. A lot of people don't want it. Some are doing something about it.

There are at least two different ways to show your support in blocking this decision that I found.

Yesterday, (August 23) the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce sent out a letter to all businesses that reside on North Avenue explaining some of the details involved in the proposed name change. It also lets these businesses know where certain discounts can be found to help with all of the sign, letterhead, website, delivery trucks, Facebook page, business card, etc. changes that would coincide with this move.

Here's an idea to save these businesses all that money, don't change the street name.

As we have seen, it sure seems to me that Grand Junction residents are not supporting this plan. An issue such as this needs to be brought to a ballot. People need to have the right to voice their opinions. This decision belongs the people of Grand Junction.

Grand Junction Council members who opposed the change were Phyllis Norris and Duncan McArthur.


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