This hiking trail led to a lot more than I originally thought. Welcome to Corkscrew Trail.

Accessible from the Wildwood Trailhead, Corkscrew Trail offers hikers and runners everything you could want in a trail. A good workout and some great views.

It's definitely, not a bad way to spend an early Sunday morning. This was a new trail for me and I'm always a little hesitant about new things, but this trail had me smiling. Flat, clear and fast on the lower portion for those, like me, who like to run instead of walk. Then a really nice steady incline over smooth rock surface.

There are a couple of spots where you seem to lose the trail, but just take a couple of more steps and you'll pick it right up again. It does finally get a little narrower and steeper. Switchbacks are numerous and at times right on the edge.

I also had the pleasure of meeting this man. Self-taught geologist Robert.


He talked about the history of the area and how the Monument was created. Dinosaurs, rocks, climate change. He covered it all. It added up to a very cool history lesson. So, if you see him out there. Stop him and ask him some questions.

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