Check out another Grand Junction area trail. This is Liberty Cap.

I have been spending most of my trail running and hiking time lately at Riggs Hill. When I find a new trail that I really like, I usually will stay there for a while. But, always looking for a new trail. Came across this spot from another Riggs Hill lover. She had mentioned it was one of her 'rest' days, so she enjoyed a nice walk on Wildwood Trailhead. It's literally 1 minute from Riggs Hill. Glad I did. But, my legs did agree. I am never one to walk when I can run. So, I did. Turned into one heck of a great workout. With additional awesome scenery.

This trailhead gives you access to four different trails.

  • Liberty Cap
  • Corkscrew Trail Loop
  • Ute Canyon Trail
  • Rimrock Drive

I did the Liberty Cap trail.


Now, I could include more photos, but why not get out there and see it for yourselves? It will be more than worth it, trust me.

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