Yesterday (April 30) was my 49th birthday. Yeah, that's right, one year shy of the big five-o. Look at the birthday present I received from a listener.

Most people don't look forward to their 49th birthday. I did. One of our listeners, a Grand Junction resident who manages a local restaurant, informed me she was going to make something special for my birthday. Along comes April 30, and WOW!

Ask anyone at the station and they will tell you, this was the best cheesecake ever made by human hands. Nothing else comes close. It was a masterpiece.

I know nothing about baking. Nothing whatsoever. It seems safe to say, though, preparing something as magnificent as this would have to be a major effort. It would have to be. Check out the feedback from the appreciative staff at the station.

Waylon's Cheesecake 1
Waylon Jordan

Who was the virtuoso responsible for making this artwork? The cook-in-question is Sandy Steffen. Most days you'll find her managing the Burger King at 1st and White. I don't know, and it's not my place to ask, but it seems to me a management gig like that would be at least 50 to 60 hours per week. Where did Sandy find time to bake a cheesecake for someone who's pretty much a stranger?

Seriously, my boss at the studio tried a piece of the cheesecake and immediately fell in love. She's gone so far as to mention Sandy's work to some of our clients, specifically those dealing in events and catering.

cheesecake post 1
cheesecake post 2
cheesecake post 3

What does the future hold for Sandy? The note on the cheesecake's box said "Cleios Heavenly Treats." Here's hoping Sandy has some kind of plans for a future business venture.

Thank you, Sandy, for the birthday wishes and the amazing cheesecake. Everyone loved it. Here's hoping you take that talent and share it with others.

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