Here are two finalists for sure. The scariest road in Colorado. How about a guardrail at least?

For me, any stretch of road where I am the passenger and Riley is the driver is scary enough! Kidding.

Colorado roadways routinely appear on all sorts of 'scariest' or 'dangerous' drives lists. This one, claims 82 from Aspen as one of the top spots.

I am a terrible backseat or passenger seat driver on any normal type of road. So, I am trying to figure out how many times my level of jerkness would multiply when in a vehicle on one of our own Colorado scary drives. Pretty sure, I would be a mess.

Should we be surprised that the number of accidents and such are as unusually low as they are? With all the tourists flocking here to enjoy the sights, sounds and scenery it seems to make sense that the numbers would be higher. Maybe that's a sign of people being extra careful and driving smartly. Plus, not having me in their vehicle helps substantially.

Question today is-How do you feel about driving those types of roads?




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