What is it with Stephen King and the state of Colorado? Between "The Shining" and "It," Colorado tends to play a recurring role in the author's best story lines. Which Colorado town played a part in the story behind "It"?

According to 99!9 The Point, it seems the city of Boulder, where King lived back in the late 1970's, played a major role in creating the story "It."

In 1978, on his way back from a pizza emporium in Boulder, the transmission literally dropped out of King's brand new way-cool shaggin' wagon, an AMC Matador. A few days later, King received the call from the dealership to come pick up his repaired vehicle. He decided to huff it the three miles to the dealership.

According to Stephen King's official website, while en route to the dealership, twilight fell. His course led him to a wooden bridge spanning a stream. While crossing the bridge, King found himself reminded of the fairy tale "The Three Billy-Goats Gruff" and wondered what he would do if a troll called out from beneath the bridge.

This is Stephen King we're talking about, so naturally, an idea sprang to life. His imagination began to include other things which one might find in a city. King wondered, "What's under the city? Tunnels. Sewers. Ah! What a good place for a troll! Trolls should live in sewers!"

How do we get from trolls to clowns? Ask any kid, and they'll tell you clowns are far scarier than trolls. Voila!

Who would have thought a wooden bridge in Colorado could lead to a story, followed by a mini-series, and ultimately, a record-shattering major motion picture? Colorado lays claim to many famous movies, but most don't rake in the bucks, or send chills up the spine, like this one.

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