When it comes to your next Colorado getaway, why not try something different? Rather than visiting the same old campground, try something out of the ordinary. Are you up for something, shall we say, "quirky"?

Spice up your Colorado adventures with a stay at a fort, a working sheep ranch, or an unbelievably isolated fire watchtower. They're unique, "quirky," and available for rent.

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Your "Quirky" Colorado Camping Adventure

Colorado.com put together an awesome list of "10 Quirky Places to Stay In Colorado." I'm not sure why they call it "10" since there are only nine on the list. In any event, these nine locations are amazing. Like their website says:

You’ve already surrendered to Colorado’s unique charms: sunshine sparkling in a cloudless sky, exhilarating open spaces flanked by towering peaks, friendly towns with endless enclaves to explore.
Why not add an extra layer of adventure by staying somewhere that’s just as special as the Centennial State itself? Check out this list of fun retro lodging options that are anything but basic.

Fascinating Colorado Camping Adventures

Not everything on this list qualifies as "camping," but they do all warrant the title of "unique." No matter how you flip it, each of these locations offers a unique experience worthy of a souvenir t-shirt.

Have you ever camped at a UFO watchtower? It's isolated, available, and cheap. How about a fire watchtower located in the middle of absolutely nowhere? Two such sites make this list. Keep in mind, they're anything but easy to get to. If you want isolated, this is your destination. The nearest drinking water is four miles away.

Plenty To Do In Colorado

One location on this list is located right in the middle of various orchards. Another boasts an impressive collection of over 30,000 keys. Most are no more expensive than your typical Motel 6.

Book Your Stay at Something "Quirky"

The word is out about these various campgrounds and Bed & Breakfast joints. As a result, many, if not most, are booked well into next year. Believe it or not, some people want to snowshoe a mile and a half to a watchtower so they might camp in a single room equipped with propane heat and lighting.

You Won't Need a Bank Loan For These Adventures

One of the destinations on this list charges a whopping $15 per night. One of the pricier options on the list charges $80 per night. Add "affordable" to the long list of appealing qualities associated with these getaways.

Colorado's 'Quirkist' and Most Adventurous Places to Stay

If you're planning a Colorado getaway, there's a unique angle you may want to consider. Sure, you can stay at a ski lodge or one of the elite bed & breakfasts. Then again, you might choose to pursue something weird. Take a quick look at nine unique, and kind of "quirky" Colorado locations. Some are bizarre. Others are in the middle of nowhere. All of them will make for great stories and a wicked t-shirt.

Ten Underrated Places to Visit in Colorado

Everybody knows about places like the Great Sand Dunes, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, and Mesa Verde, but there are some places in Colorado that not everybody knows about.

According to OnlyInYourState.com, these are ten of the most underrated places to visit in Colorado.

Western Colorado Getaway: Trappers Lake Lodge

Less than three hours from Grand Junction, Trappers Lake Lodge is a great mountain getaway offering fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and plenty of fresh Colorado mountain air.

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