By the time summer arrives in Colorado, the camping season is in full swing. Campgrounds fill with Coloradans and out-of-staters alike trying to enjoy the great outdoors in the Centennial State.

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While it's one of the best times of year to be in Colorado, it's also the time of year when campfires can quickly become wildfires. It's worth taking the time to listen to the advice from the National Forest Service and knowing how to properly and safely put out a campfire.

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Camping Season in Colorado

Camping season in Colorado is a year-round event but is most common between May and September. You can camp in some areas in April and October, but you'll probably need extra gear that can better prepare you for winter conditions. Keep in mind that many campgrounds like the ones in state parks require reservations, and some need to be made up to six months in advance.

Can I Build A Campfire?

Building a campfire means knowing the fire restrictions for the area you are camping in. Stage 1 restrictions mean fires are only allowed inside designated fire rings in designated camping areas. A Stage 2 fire ban means no fires are to be built at all.

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Campfires That Become Wildfires

Knowing how to properly put out a campfire is essential. With millions of acres of forest land in our state, if you don't know how to properly put out a campfire you have no business building one. Do you know all of the steps the Forest Service recommends for putting out a campfire?

Recently, campers in Colorado's beautiful Twin Lakes left their campsite without taking the time to properly put out their campfire and it resulted in a 704 acre fire that has ruined one of the state's most breathtaking hiking areas. Failing to put out your campfire can result in an expensive fine and even jail time.

Building A Campfire in Colorado? Six Steps You Must Take

Nearly 85% of wildfires are caused by humans. Colorado is home to 24.5 million acres of forest land which means fire safety in our state must be given the highest priority by campers who wish to build a campfire. Check out the six essential steps for safely putting out a campfire according to the U.S. Forest Service below.

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Camping in Colorado could mean an RV, a camper, a car, or a tent. Some people sleep right out under the stars. It's time to pack up our gear and start planning for another great season outdoors with a look at the best places to camp in the Centennial State.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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