What do Coloradans look for on the internet that we would prefer no one else knew about? Thankfully, it's NOT porn. But, it can be just as addicting to watch.

The High-Speed Internet Website broke down the guilty online pleasures of each of our United States. What do Coloradans have on our minds?

Apparently, we enjoy watching other people fail. Epic fail. For our enjoyment. Does that make us bad people?

But, what's really disturbing are the results from our bordering states:

  • Utah - Fitness Models
  • New Mexico - XXX Content (porn)
  • Wyoming - Cat Videos (cat videos?)
  • Kansas - XXX Content
  • Nebraska - Sugar Mama Sites

So, maybe we should feel so guilty about OUR online guilty pleasure. Because, honestly, these Fail videos are freaking hilarious.

BONUS VIDEO: Grand Junction Ghost?

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