The Colorado Springs runner known as "The Mad Pooper" is back in the news.

This unbelievable story broke about a week ago when neighbors discovered a jogger, who ran in the park, was also defecating on the sidewalks and lawns.

Well, now a man has stepped forward claiming to be a spokesperson for the "Mad Pooper."  A statement has been released reporting that the lady in the middle of all of this, is actually dealing with a severe brain injury and is also having a difficult time recovering from gender reassignment surgery.

Wow. That's a pretty wild statement.

The 'spokesperson' has not yet been identified. He had posted a video on YouTube explaining these extenuating circumstances, but it has since been taken down. In the video, the man stated that the accused known as "Shirley" is sorry for what has transpired. In addition, the spokesperson claimed that "Shirley" can not control herself since the gender reassignment procedure.

But, (see what I did there?) the best part of this proclamation is that this unidentified man claimed that what "Shirley" has been doing is actually protected under the First Amendment. He stated that the government can not dictate where and when a person can go to the bathroom.

I'm not sure who is more unstable. The "Mad Pooper" Shirley or this guy claiming to be speaking on behalf of her.

I can not wait to see how this story continues to unfold.

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