Growing up in Grand Junction, we all knew about the Redstone Castle. Well, it's for sale, and could be yours for the low, low price of $19,750,000.00. Get it before it's gone.

I can remember my parents taking me to visit the Redstone Castle sometime around 1977 or so. You could take a tour of the place back then. According to Wikipedia, In 1971 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places, the first property in Pitkin County to be listed.

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Often referred to as the “Ruby of the Rockies,” the Redstone Castle is located about 15 miles outside of Carbondale and 48 miles from Aspen. According to, the property's address is listed as 58 Redstone Castle Drive, Redstone, Colorado, 81623.

To be honest, I was born and raised in Western Colorado, and until today, didn't know there was a town called Redstone. According to Google Maps, Redstone, Colorado is located 116 miles from Grand Junction, and about 16 miles from Carbondale.

What will you get for $19,750,000.00? This little fixer-upper includes:

  • 15 bedrooms
  • 15.5 bath
  • 29,632 square feet
  • 153 acres
  • restored in 2018

You should buy this place right away. Just after you buy it, you should hire me to be the groundskeeper. To understand why let's take a little tour.

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