I'll give you a hint: It's not Peeps. For some reason, it seems there's been an outbreak of pure contempt for poor little Peeps. What, then, is Colorado's #1 Easter candy?

I'll give you another hint: It's not Kinder Chocolate Candy Eggs (with a secret toy surprise inside). It looks as though Wisconsin and Kentucky are the only states who even know what those are. Personally, I've never heard of them.

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Uncovering Colorado's Favorite Easter Candy

If one were to travel back to 1975, Colorado's favorite Easter candy was probably either jelly beans or those Cadbury Egg things. What about the year 2023? The website The Pioneer Woman recently release the most popular Easter candies, state by state.

Something Of a Monopoly On The Easter Candy Market

If you look at the data, you'll find Colorado has joined forces with at least half of the states in the country when it comes to hoarding our favorite Easter candy. As a matter of fact, a whopping 29 states all share the same favorite Easter candy. No one in Colorado wants to hear this, but it seems for once we're in agreement with the state of California. What's even scarier is we concur with those in New York and Texas.

What About Peeps?

Hey, wait a minute. Wasn't it generally accepted that those smooshy little Peep things pretty much dominate the Easter holiday? Oddly, they didn't even make the list in 2023.

Let's All Run Out and Buy Stock In Reese's

Would you believe that in the year 2023, the most popular Easter candy in Colorado is Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs? Yep. According to The Pioneer Woman, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, a candy I can't even picture off the top of my head, is the most popular Easter candy for the year 2023 in:

  • Colorado
  • Utah
  • Nevada
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • Montana
  • Minnesota
  • Louisianna
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • a bunch of New England area states that we don't typically think about

A handful of states including South Dakota, Nebraska, Florida, Alabama, and West Virginia prefer Hershey's Milk Chocolate (boring), a candy they could eat 365 days a year.

Where Did The Data Come From?

The date comes courtesy of Instacart. According to their website, a survey of 2,000 American adults by the Harris Poll found two-thirds celebrate Easter, and of those, 92% plan to purchase Easter candy this year.

What About Peeps?

Looking at the year 2023, the loveable Peeps finish in a miserable 8th place on the list of top 10 Easter candies for the year. Believe it or not, Starburst Jellybeans come in 3rd, winning a total of four states: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. Well, there's something to be said about regionality.

In the year 2023, Colorado, along with the entire West Coast and most of the South, will purchase Resse's Peanut Butter Eggs as our first choice for Easter Candy.

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