The "COVID bandit" struck again last Saturday night, leaving his notorious calling card in the form of a $6,800 tip. This time, his target was Denver's Guard and Grace restaurant.

This crusader is really making a name for himself. As a matter of fact, according to KDVR, when he made his dinner reservation, he used the moniker "COVID bandit." Not to obliterate his secret identity, but word is his real name is David. He lives somewhere around Estes Park, but you didn't hear that from me.

How did he come up with the amount of $6,800? The figure is all part of the Bandits modus operandi. The restaurant had 34 employees on duty at the time. Multiply that times $200 each, and voila'.

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This particular event had something of a unique spin. Whereas last Saturday night's disbursement of gratuities is concerned, the bandit asked the employees to line up in a private room, and then handed each of them $200.

As with past appearances, he signed his receipt "COVID bandit" followed by the statement "COVID sucks" and a drawing of a smiley face.

You've probably heard of this person before. Not long ago he made a similar appearance at a cafe in Estes Park. With that visit, he performed the same amazing feat, leaving a $200 for each of the diner's employees.

Stop and think about that for a minute. Every time he appears, he leaves a $200 gratuity for each employee. Leaving that amount at a diner with six on-duty employees is one thing. Leaving $200 each for a staff of 34 is another. I have to wonder how many employees are on duty during the dinner rush on a Saturday night at Grand Junction's Texas Roadhouse. One could easily imagine 34 employees on the clock. That's a ton of money.

Here's to you, COVID bandit. You're making people happy and bringing smiles to thousands of faces. If nothing else, you're helping hard-working Colorado residents to breathe a little easier when it comes to making the bills. Keep up the amazing work.

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