Living in Colorado means living in one of the most beautiful places America has to offer, but that doesn't mean every town is perfect. Have you ever wondered which locations are considered some of the worst places to live in our state?

While every county in Colorado has something unique to offer, some communities have to deal with high unemployment, lower household incomes, and sometimes smaller populations can mean a lack of employment opportunities. Let's consider these factors while we look at the 13 worst places to live in Colorado in 2023.

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Colorado's Worst Places To Live

While the data may show the communities on our list are facing challenges, appearing on this list doesn't mean a location is a bad town. It just means these towns are lacking some of the things that help us live our best lives in the Centennial State. Many of the towns on the list of worst places to live are still beautiful places in Colorado, they just need help on the local level.

Colorado Crime Rates

With a few exceptions, one of the worst attributes these communities have in common is some ridiculously high crime rates. Violent crimes and property crimes well above the national average can turn a pretty community into one of the worst places to live pretty quickly. Scroll through the gallery below to see which ones are the worst.

Colorado Schools

Communities with lower funding for public schools often get stuck with lower scores when putting together a list of good or bad places to live. We'll point out a couple of communities that made it on the list simply for this reason in the gallery below.

By the Numbers: The 13 Worst Places To Live in the State of Colorado

No state is perfect. Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in America, but even we have a few towns that could use some work. The following communities rank the lowest in the state of Colorado for one reason or another and have ended up on the list of worst places to live.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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When it comes to the most unsafe cities in Colorado, here's how the rankings panned out. The violent crime and property crime rates were calculated per 1,000 residents.

According to Safewise, the crimes that Coloradans are most concerned with, are violent crimes, property crimes, package thefts, and gun violence. See the full list of Safewise's most dangerous and safest Colorado cities here.

Gallery Credit: Kelsey Nistel

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