The 2023-2024 school year is right around the corner in Western Colorado. Have you ever wondered just how many public schools are in Mesa County? Which schools are doing the best in Fruita/Grand Junction/ Palisade and the rest of the county?

Thanks to the website we can take a closer look at data from the 2022-2023 school year and find out which schools deserve a special shout-out for their high scores in reading and math proficiency.

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The 2023 School Year in Mesa County

In 2023, 54 public schools serve Mesa County, Colorado. These schools teach more than 22,000 students combined. Mesa County is home to 10 private schools that serve just over 1000 students combined. 96% of all the K through 12th-grade students are educated in public schools in Mesa County. Colorado's state average is closer to 93%.

Which Public School is Number 1 in Mesa County?

The best-performing public school in Mesa County is New Emerson School at Columbus followed by Wingate Elementary School. Math proficiency at these schools is near 60% with reading proficiency at 65-75% at both schools. Keep going to see each public school in the top twelve and a breakdown of each one.

Reading and Math Proficiency in Mesa County

According to, schools in Mesa County, Colorado average a math proficiency score of 26%. The state average for Colorado is closer to 31%. The average reading proficiency score in Mesa County public schools is around 38% with the state average closer to 47%.

Colorado's 12 Best Public Schools in Mesa County

Did you know there are 54 public schools in Mesa County, Colorado? Which ones are doing the best job teaching our students? Keep reading to find out which schools have the best reading and math proficiency scores and serve the most students.

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