There is a reason why some Coloradans enjoy road trips more than others. Some road trips in the Centennial State may force you to choose one of the most loathed highways in America as part of your journey.

Traveling through the mountains of Colorado or up and down the Front Range can mean lots of traffic and trecherous driving conditions. Did you know that two Colorado highways end up on a list of America's 100 Most Loathed Highways?

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Colorado's Worst Highway

According to Gunther Volvo Cars Daytona. Colorado appears at #5 on the list of America's 100 Most Loathed Highways and again at #39.

According to this report, Colorado's most loathed highway is I-70. Known for traffic jams, crazy weather, tunnel closures in multiple areas, and sudden inclement weather that can show up out of nowhere, I-70 has caused more than a few headaches for Colorado residents and those just passing through.

Colorado's Second Worst Highway

The second highway in Colorado that appears on the list of the worst highways in America is I-25 near the Denver Metro. I-25 is known for its heavy delays, congestion, road work-related delays, and motorcycles traveling at insane speeds.

Colorado's Most Dangerous State Highway

While I-70 and I-25 make the list of most loathed highways in America, one of Colorado's State Highways worth mentioning is Colorado 82. Many of us have driven this road between Glenwood Springs and Aspen. Did you know that between 2020 and the end of 2021, 385 traffic accidents occurred on this highway? 91 crashes involved bodily injury or death. Mile Marker 6 south of Glenwood Springs has been the site of one fatality and 16 pile-ups and is one of the most dangerous spots on this state highway.

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