If you love chilly nights, black cats, and all things spooky then this magical event happening in Colorado is for you.

According to a press release from Moon Temple Mystery School, WitchFest 2022 is coming soon, so grab your brooms and let's fly!

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When + Where is WitchFest 2022?

WitchFest 2022 is going down October 21st through the 22nd at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado.

All witches, warlocks, spiritualists, and magic seekers are invited. You are even welcome to dress up in your favorite witchy attire.

What's Happening at WitchFest 2022?

The festival will include live on-stage rituals, a Mystical Market, Reader's Alley, and of course, real magic. There will be performances by Nordic Daughter and DJ Howl on the main stage on both nights.

The Mystical Market will feature handcrafted wands, apothecaries, brooms, custom jewelry, runes, and many other magical tools that you may desire.

At Reader's Alley, you will find tarot and oracle readers that will assist you in finding perspective, inspiration, clarity, and unique insight.

Tickets to WitchFest 2022 are on sale now and include all the activities of Fright Fest at Elitch Gardens (haunted houses, roller coasters, mayhem, and more).

Colorado's Real School for Witches

WitchFest 2022 is the creation of Moon Temple Mystery School, a real school for witches in Colorado.

According to their site, Moon Temple Mystery School will, "enable you to embrace both the light and the dark, investigate the connection between your body and soul, and discover the keys to your own heaven on Earth."

We are Guardians, Protectors, Lightworkers, Healers, Psychics, Record Keepers, Magicians, Warriors, Watchers and Witches gathered for sacred connection. We’re here to raise the vibration of our internal and external energy and master its expanse.

If you've ever had a calling to find the hidden magic within our world and the world beyond what we can see, then the Moon Temple Mystery school may be for you.

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