Summer in Colorado means many of us are getting ready to visit the many Amusement Parks and Water Parks around the state. Coloradans have been enjoying trips to the theme park since the very first one opened in our state back in 1908.

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Colorado's Elitch Gardens is the largest theme park in the Centennial State with 40 attractions, six rollercoasters, and two water rides. However, Colorado's oldest rollercoaster is found at a different theme park.

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Colorado Lakeside Park

Colorado's Lakeside Amusement Park was largely responsible for the creation of the town of Lakeside, Colorado. Located Northwest of downtown Denver, the theme park is locally owned and home to 25 attractions including two rollercoasters and a water ride. It's this theme park that is home to Colorado's oldest coaster.

Colorado's Oldest Roller Coaster

Colorado's Cyclone rollercoaster debuted at Lakeside Amusement Park on May 17, 1940. At the time, park owner Ben Krasner finished a tour of some of the major theme parks in America and contacted the T.M. Harton company to help him bring a ride to Colorado inspired by a coaster that he witnessed in New Orleans.

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Historic Snapshot of the  Lakeside Cyclone?

The 80-year-old Cyclone coaster at Lakeside Park has been missing in action a few different times in recent years as the park repairs and refurbishes Colorado's oldest coaster. It is expected to see action this summer.

The all-wooden Cyclone reaches a maximum height of 85 feet, is 2,800 feet long, and was built by the T.M. Harton company, and designed by Edward Vettel Sr. This coaster is one of only a few wooden coasters built before America's entrance into World War II that is still around today. Have you ridden the historic Cyclone coaster at Lakeside? Tell us about your experience on our station app. 

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WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Heritage Square was an amusement park in Golden, Colorado that was open from 1959 to 2018.

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