You haven't lived until you've sat down and enjoyed a magnificent Colorado wine at one of the Centennial State's amazing wine rooms. Do a little looking, and you'll find many of these rooms boast near-perfect 5-star Google Reviews.

Colorado's incredible wine rooms aren't limited to the big cities. For that matter, they're not exclusive to wineries. You'll find dozens of them across Colorado. You may even be surprised how many you find on Main Street in many of Colorado's smaller communities.

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What You'll Find at a Colorado Wine Room

You can sample wines at a variety of venues. Obviously, your typical bar and/or restaurant will have a selection of wines.

Should you visit a winery, they frequently offer tours and wine-tasting rooms. You'll encounter these all over Colorado.

There are, however, wine rooms, or wine bars, that are simply venues specializing in a variety of wines. These businesses are often small and cozy, and can frequently be found in buildings that were at one point houses.

Visit some of the smaller communities in Colorado, and you'll find such rooms on Main Street. Cedaredge, Colorado, is home to such a venue, and in this particular case, a room scoring a perfect 5-out-of-5 stars on Google.

A Touch Of Class

Read the Google Reviews, and you'll find that service and ambiance are mentioned in almost every critique. These venues are very much aware of this and aim to please when it comes to knowledge of their product, and the atmosphere of the setting.

One business on this list, 518 Wine Bar, states on its webpage:

518 Wine Bar offers a variety of wine from all over the world, in our 1920s setting, our space was crafted with you in mind. We invite you to join us for a glass, or two, maybe even three… have a small plate, and enjoy the setting with friends and family.

Keep In Mind, This Is Colorado

Many of these rooms offer indoor and outdoor seating, not to mention open tables. Visit their web pages, and you'll find some venues come equipped with amazing views of the Colorado skyline. A handful mention pets are allowed and welcome.

15 Colorado Wine Rooms With Near Perfect Reviews

Colorado is loaded with awesome wine bars and wine tasting rooms. You'll find them in every major city, and in a number of smaller communities. Check out the Google Reviews, and you'll find some of these wine rooms boast perfect 5-star reviews. Several others scored 4.8 and 4.9 stars from reviewers. Take a quick tour of these amazing wine rooms.

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