Western Colorado weather did not disappoint over the weekend offering enough sunshine to create as good a day as any for a winter hike near Grand Junction.

I decided to take a chance on heading into the Monument to get a few photos of the snow-covered canyons since I have not yet had a chance to visit this winter.

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Window Rock Trail in the Colorado National Monument

This short trail is located on the Fruita, Colorado side of the monument located in the loop that leads past the Saddlehorn campground and amphitheater. This area offers a few great overlooks that sometimes get skipped as it's easy to miss this loop on the way in or out of the Monument.

The Winter View at the Colorado National Monument

Seeing the cliffs covered in snow and the frozen waterfalls formed off the snowmelt were sides of the Monument I had not seen before. Just watch your step on the trails and remember that there are usually a few different options to reach a specific area if you run into snow and ice during the winter months. You can check with the visitor's center if you have a question about accessibility. Thankfully, there are not many of them left.

Share Your Frozen Photos of the Colorado National Monument

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