And here are the animals who are likely to do it.

Being outdoors is a way of life around Colorado. Aside from just getting out and getting our steps in, we also love to seek out a little adventure. Luckily, we have plenty of opportunities for adventure in our state.

But, with adventure comes risk.

Being out in the wild makes us vulnerable. Not all of us are equipped to survive in the elements, but you know who is? The Colorado wildlife. When we're out chasing adventure, we put ourselves on their turf. And they've got the home-field advantage.

Unfortunately, this can end poorly for us.

Fatal animal attacks do happen across the country and they are more likely in some states than others. With all the time we spend outdoors, you would think that Colorado would be in the top five. However, according to Field and Stream (citing data from the CDC), you are more likely to die from an animal attack in other states. The CDC collected data over a 20-year period.

Here are the top five states for deadly animal attacks from 2009-2019:

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4. North Carolina - 180 deaths

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3. Florida - 247 deaths

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2. California - 299 deaths

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1. Texas - 520 deaths

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This doesn't mean that we're completely out of the woods, for lack of a better term. We do have animal attacks in Colorado and we do have attacks that result in deaths. We can't let our guard down.

Now, as far as which animals are doing the killing, the CDC has data on that too.

Here are the top five deadliest animals in North America:

5. Alligators

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4. Black Bears

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3. Snakes (tie)

johnaudrey, ThinkStock Images

2. Sharks (tie)

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1. Brown Bears

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