For all the presents on your Christmas list, tell us how many times it has snowed on Christmas Day in Grand Junction? I was blown away by the answer.

Winter precipitation can and does occur in the Grand Valley but it's nothing like the snowfall on top of the Mesa or over on the Front Range. We see less than 20 inches of snowfall in a year in Grand Junction so the odds of a White Christmas are usually pretty long.

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A White Christmas In Colorado

Terminology. White Christmas can mean snow is present on the ground on Christmas Day, but it can also mean new snowfall that occurs on the actual holiday. Today we are focused on 'Christmas Snow' or new snowfall that happens on Christmas Day as the meaning of 'White Christmas'.

The Chances for a 'White Christmas' in Grand Junction

The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Grand Junction says Grand Junction has seen measurable snowfall on Christmas just 18 times dating back to the first year of record. Scroll through the photos below to learn more about a White Christmas in Grand Junction, which happens about 13% of the time. If you like 'White Christmas' as meaning snow is present on the ground, that only happens about 20% of the time here.

Below are the records to beat. The Top 10 Christmas Day Snowfalls in Grand Junction.

What Are the Chances for a White Christmas in Grand Junction Colorado?

Scroll through the gallery to see what our odds are in Grand Junction for snowfall on Christmas Day.

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