When times are stressful in Colorado, it's important to remember to take a little time for yourself. If you want to keep a smile on your face, it's a good idea to take some time to do a few things that can give you a break from tension and stress.

Grand Junction is a great place to live in Colorado, especially if you love being outside. We asked you what your favorite ways are to destress in the Grand Valley. You had such great advice we wanted to share your ideas below.

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Colorado, Take Time for Self Care

The National Institutes for Health say that taking time out to destress can help manage your overall well-being, it can slow down the frequency of illness, and it can boost your energy level. So take that half day and go relax, join that yoga class, go to the event at the art center, or go watch some live music that you enjoy. That's just for starters.

Grand Junction, Colorado is a Great Place to Relax

Some folks would rather relax at home, while others have to get out of the house to destress. You can walk the river at Los Colonias, or walk the Mesa Mall. See a show at the Avalon, or go listen to a choir on Sunday at a local church. What gets you out of your stress mode? Maybe it listening to music, maybe it's working out. It's just about turning off the to-do list and letting your mind and body have some free time.

Explore Grand Junction's Great Outdoors

Grand Junction is home to 43 different parks. That does not include the Colorado National Monument, McInnis Recreation Area, the Grand Mesa, or the countless other places to walk your dog or hike with a friend.

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20 of Colorado's Favorite Ways to Destress in Grand Junction

2023 is a crazy time. Work and life balance can get out of control for most people as we all deal with high prices on the things we need. It's important to take time out for yourself every once in a while, especially if you are feeling uptight and stressed out. Scroll on to check out 20 ways Grand Junction loves to destress.

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