As the vaccine rollout continues for the COVID-19 pandemic we are hearing that Colorado restaurant workers are now being moved up the list to receive the vaccine. These details were released by The Denver Channel, and confirmed by Governor Jared Polis's office that food service workers will be included in Phase 1B3 of the rollout which could begin in early March.

Obviously, state officials are saying that a lot could change between now and early March but a more exact timeline should be put in place by the middle of February. Being included in this phase of the vaccine rollout puts food service workers right next to grocery store workers and agriculture workers who should all be receiving the vaccine at the same time.

In a statement made on Tuesday, Governor Jared Polis supported the efforts of moving food service workers up during the rollout because restaurants were so badly affected by the pandemic. The state is currently looking into purchasing in-home COVID-19 testing kits for restaurant workers. Only time will tell if there is enough time to make the purchases and get them in the hands of the workers.

Governor Polis continued to say that the federal government is increasing the supply of vaccines to the state of Colorado. Beginning next week we should be receiving up to an additional 10,000 doses of the vaccine that will go directly to pharmacies.

Those additional doses will help vaccinate teachers and those over the age of 65, which both are under the Phase 1B2 rollout which is set to begin on Monday, February 8th.

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