A new poll shows Coloradans revealing their increased displeasure with President Donald Trump. But, how does the Western Slope feel?

The survey done just this week from Keating Research of Telluride reveals some startling numbers. The voters of Colorado are turning on our elected President. Back in March, the same study showed a 55 per cent unfavorable outlook, but now that number has risen dramatically to 64 per cent who dislike Trump.

Even among politicians, the number of negative responses is climbing. Previously, Colorado Republicans had only a 16 per cent disapproval rate, but this most recent study shows an increase of double digits to 26 per cent against.

But, out here on the Western Slope, that probably means nothing.  Would you really be surprised if there wasn't a single person west of the Rockies that was included in this? Hiliary Clinton won the state but Donald Trump Dominated the Western Slope with nearly 70 per cent of voters. So, do we still feel that way about what he has been doing?

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