Are you ready for a short road trip through about 25 miles of Colorado and roughly 60 miles of Utah? Here's a short road trip you aren't traveling anywhere near enough.

In this case, the destination is irrelevant. You can do this trip without a destination in mind, assuming of course your vehicle has a large enough fuel tank. This nearby drive is severely overlooked and deserves far more attention than it gets.

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Just Down the Road

This trip is literally "just down the road." Take I-70 west out of Grand Junction and turn off at Exit 214 towards Cisco. That's it - one turn. If you stay on Utah's 128 all the way to Red Cliffs Lodge, you're looking at a trip of 85 miles each way.

Why This Trip?

I was born in Grand Junction. For a number of years, I would commute to Moab for musical work. Our routing always took us I-70 to Crescent Junction, then turning off to Moab. In my lifetime, I've taken the Cisco route exactly three times.

  • 1 time for a rafting trip
  • 1 time for a nice drive
  • 1 time while heading to Red Cliffs Lodge to attend the Moab Music Festival featuring George Takei

Much Nicer Route to Moab

If your trip is taking you to Moab, I would like to recommend this course. If you stick to I-70 when driving to Moab, and then turn after Thompson Springs, you're looking at 113 miles and an hour and 49 minutes travel time.

On the other hand, if you take this alternate route to Moab, the drive comes in at 102 miles and two hours and one minute travel time. Fewer miles, and just a few minutes longer. Let me assure you, taking 128 is far more pleasurable for the eyes.

Grand Junction to Red Cliffs Lodge
Google Maps

Forget about Moab, I recommend taking this trip for no reason other than the drive. You might make Red Cliffs Lodge your turnaround point. Then again, you might stop off at the river. Options are endless.

Did I Mention George Takei?

Sorry, but I'm utilizing bragging rights. The entire motive behind making this drive last Saturday was to see George Takei perform at a world-premiere concert. I even had a chance to meet him and get an autographed copy of his book.

Autographed Copy of George Takei's Book
Waylon Jordan

The Colorado to Utah Drive You Aren't Driving Enough

There's a drive right out of Grand Junction, roughly 83 miles in length, you'll love to take. This might just be the very road trip (with no particular destination) you've been looking for.

Ride along the Silverton Durango Railroad

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