If someone in Grand Junction told you that Question Mark Hill was slippery this morning, would you know what they mean?

Western Colorado is home to several phrases that may make no sense to someone visiting from out of town. Keep going to check out 25 Colorado phrases that out-of-towners don't understand.

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Western Colorado Phrases

If you want to sound like a Coloradan from the Western Slope, you probably have used  "West Slope Best Slope" a time or two. Phrases like, "Meet ya at the railhead" and "Going up valley" are often used. What phrases do you hear people using that are unique to Western Colorado? Open our station app and hit the chat button to share yours.

Western Colorado's Confusing Streets

Our streets in Western Colorado have unique names. Some would even say confusing names. Imagine visiting town for the first time and having someone tell you "F 3/4 Road."

Do you know where you are going if someone says "32 and an 8 ball?" What other streets in Western Colorado might confuse out-of-towners? Tap the chat button on the app to share.

Western Colorado's Landscape

Just as confusing as some streets are many of Colorado's landmarks. Places like the Uncompaghre National Forest or the Tabeguache Trail often confuse out-of-towners because they don't know how to pronounce these places, which makes finding them even harder.

See what the audience had to say about Colorado phrases out-of-towners don't understand in the gallery below.

25 Colorado Phrases Out-Of-Towners Don't Understand

Western Colorado has plenty of phrases locals love to use that may not make much sense to someone visiting from out of town. We asked you to share some Colorado phrases that out-of-towners don't understand. Keep going to check out 25 phrases you can use to sound like a resident of the Western Slope.

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