Kicking back in an inner-tube, floating lazily down the water sounds like the perfect way to beat the heat.

So we need to find out where the best places to go tubing are, so we can load up and get busy getting cool!

The lucky folks in Boulder get to tube to work! Imagine that, leaving the house in swimwear, grabbing the tube and floating your way to work. Seriously? Yes! It's a cool way to travel, that's for sure.

Head to Fort Collins and float easy. Now that the runoff has made its way through, it's not nearly as rapid, so much more relaxed and a lot more fun!

In Golden, you will find the river not only excellent for tubing, but for bringing your dog, too. This pet-friendly location lets the whole family enjoy! Jagged rocks have been cleared out for the most part, but make sure you have something on your feet, just in case.

Head to Pagosa Springs and enjoy a great day of tubing! Keep in mind you will be sharing it with fishermen and other tubers, and there are rocks, of course, so watch out for them. Have fun!

In every case, keep a watch on the speed of the river. You don't want to go too far and end up trying to survive whitewater in an inner-tube! Watch out for rocks, don't forget sunscreen and stay hydrated!

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