Summer means hot temperatures and cool times in the water, right?

Not so much, this year. Water levels are down and the lack of fresh rain to keep them filled has many people worried.

In Littleton, a part of the Platte River had to be closed because the water levels were so low, there was a danger of people being injured on rocks, as well as canceling a tubing party due to the lack of water.

Water temperature is having a detrimental effect on fish as well, as the warmer water and lack of oxygen cause the fish to get stressed out. The suggestion is if you want to fish to do so early in the day and not fish in the afternoons when the water is at its warmest. Trout, especially do not do well in warm water, and if it gets too hot, like in the 70's, temperature-wise, it can kill the fish.

There is nothing we can do about the heat. But stay smart when fishing or tubing. Scout the area you want to tube, making sure there are no large sections of the creek bed with no water.

And if you're fishing, take the advice of anglers everywhere. Go early.

Let's hope we start getting some serious rainfall.

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