The word "transplant" has become commonplace in Colorado vernacular. You'll often hear it come out of the mouths of Centennial State natives, complaining about newcomers from California or Texas.

Some (like this Kyle Clark viewer) will say that a dislike for transplants is unwarranted, and others will remain staunch in their anti-outsider views. Regardless, transplants won't stop being a topic of conversation anytime soon.

Where are Colorado transplants coming from?

TheFW analyzed a recent Stacker survey to find out where people in every state are moving to the most.

The company looked at data from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2019 American Community Survey and saw that people are mostly moving to Colorado from three states: Arizona, California, and Texas.

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According to Stacker, over 10,000 Arizona residents moved to the Centennial State in 2019, while nearly 30,000 people came from California. Almost 33,000 people migrated from Texas, meaning that Colorado's transplants are mostly from the Lone Star State.

 Coloradans are "reverse transplanting" to other states

Some Colorado residents may have a bone to pick with transplants, but we're becoming transplants ourselves.

Earlier this year, reports surfaced of a "mass exodus" happening in Denver. Stacker's survey might be able to back this up — in 2019, over 10,000 Colorado residents moved to Arizona, and over 15,000 moved to California.

Nearly 20,000 Centennial Staters made their way to Texas. We wonder what they say about us over there.

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